Reviews for "Gradius - Iron Eagle"

gradius 3 was the best game ever

you should remix one of the gradius 3 songs i loved that music.... it made me happy in teh pants... ya know... great job on this one...


I like all the combinations you did it was matched perfectly and the song was awsome!

Ok... i liked it

Its nice.. I liked the drums.

Great man!

This is a happy up-beat tune that could make anyone happy and still keeps it's video game charm to it, indeed a great peice of work.
the beggining is a bit quiet and took a while to branch into the greater part of the song, but it's worth it. what is it saying anyways... i think it's saying "Once upon a Time"
All sums up to a 5/5, but a 9/10 ^^

Good work!

Nice melody, good use of various sounds. The only thing I noticed was when its really getting into the song it can sound slightly scratchy. Maybe lower the volume of the base just a tiny tiny bit.