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Reviews for "Etna"

I love!!!

mogy64 responds:

im glad!

Excuse the Pun, but This Piece is a Dessert for the Eyes! It's So Pleasing to Look At, with Just Enough Detail so that Your Eyes are able to Survey the Piece as ya just Relax and Take It In. Cute Stuff!

mogy64 responds:

thank u! i always try to leave empty spaces like the sky here so its not all overwhelming lol, glad it works out

Yeah man this creepypasta, is a really dark one, she laughing while the whole city behind her is on fire. This picture just reminds me of monika from doki doki literature club. You know what... it is her, that's y thus pictor es creepin' me the hell oUt.

Nah I'm kidding, her smile is somewhat creepy but overall cute ♡♡♡♡

Nice drawing again mah mans. :D

mogy64 responds:

lol, thanks!

Damn she boutta eat that cake in one bite??? o_o

In all seriousness though, this good. I like the colours a lot.

mogy64 responds:

thats no way to enjoy a cake... thank u!

Oh, my God, this one is so beautiful.