Reviews for "Hey There"

Now She's a Furry One!

this is the second one I've looked at in your galley and it might not be much now, but it's the best so far and already corrects what I gave lower score on the first. It may still not be perfect (It's tough to make Furries!) but it's genuinely a great piece to look at! She's very cute, and can't wait to see your skill grow!

Not my kinda woman...

...but whatev.
The only thing I don't really like about this is the mouth...I don't know if its supposed to be like that or not, but it looks a bit weird to me. Well I guess a naked cat/woman looks weird in general.

As for your discussion about adult art on newgrounds...I believe the adult material should be more about artistic expression than say pornographic material.
I'm borderline on what this is because I have no clue who this is supposed to be.
Nonetheless, its a very smooth piece of work. Keep at it.

You're right.

Both about Linda being your most popular character and the strange lack of adult material in the art portal. I thought the moment it came out people would upload just about whatever crud they drew or stole. Seems that everyone is being reserved like you.


hmm....classic lean over clevage scene, nice

not big enough boobs.