Reviews for "Hey There"

Hello right back at ya!

Well ive gotta say just from this picture she has moved right up to #1 on my list of Furries! I cant wait to see more of these pictures!

Great job!

Shows expression and emotion.

Give it some time...

After all, the art portal isn't even a week old yet (I think)... Newgrounds took several years to have thousands of adult submissions for flash, you can't expect it to happen with adult art in a week >.<

By the way the drawing is very nice and cute. The face she makes is quite sexy.

TerdBurgler responds:

Hehe, thanks!

Very sexy

linda is hot, the game is very sexy too

Forget about not having big enough boobs. Being a pencil artist my self, I know how hard drawing can be. You did an excellent job. A couple of things that could of been drawn better but all in all it was drawn very well