Reviews for "Hey There"


I love it! I am a furry... and just throwing it out there, I look at a lot of art work and such by furry lovers (not to say if anyone likes this that they are one) and have never really checked out the adult stuff, this art is amazing, the colors chosen, especially he eyes, it all comes together very nicely! If you ever happen to make more like this one? Let me know =D 10/10 ~~ 5/5

TerdBurgler responds:

Linda is easily my fan-favorite so I'll continue to draw her, no doubt about it.

oh yea

I wish a chick like that would come up to me like that

Hello right back at ya!

Well ive gotta say just from this picture she has moved right up to #1 on my list of Furries! I cant wait to see more of these pictures!


*perks ears* Yiff? >:3

Great job!

Shows expression and emotion.