Reviews for "Hey There"


terdburgler you never cease to amaze me on what you can draw...
the way linda has her expression is perfect
i noticed that you didnt oversize the breast like most furry artist do...keep them how they are their just right
keep it up terd!


it's perverted, veryquite,
but it's also very well done

TerdBurgler responds:

Hehe, thanks!


Keep up the furry work!

TerdBurgler responds:

I intend to!

Give it some time...

After all, the art portal isn't even a week old yet (I think)... Newgrounds took several years to have thousands of adult submissions for flash, you can't expect it to happen with adult art in a week >.<

By the way the drawing is very nice and cute. The face she makes is quite sexy.

TerdBurgler responds:

Hehe, thanks!


I love it! I am a furry... and just throwing it out there, I look at a lot of art work and such by furry lovers (not to say if anyone likes this that they are one) and have never really checked out the adult stuff, this art is amazing, the colors chosen, especially he eyes, it all comes together very nicely! If you ever happen to make more like this one? Let me know =D 10/10 ~~ 5/5

TerdBurgler responds:

Linda is easily my fan-favorite so I'll continue to draw her, no doubt about it.