Reviews for "Hey There"

Forget about not having big enough boobs. Being a pencil artist my self, I know how hard drawing can be. You did an excellent job. A couple of things that could of been drawn better but all in all it was drawn very well

as for you hoping for a push in the right direction i agree with you on that and if you havent noticed take a look at the game and movie portals and in other sites there seems to be a lack of any form of yiff which is what you have submited... im hoping that changes as well... i would contribute if a had a scanner to move my drawings but unfortunatly i do not... your art is verry good hope to see more.

not big enough boobs.

omg she looks wayyy better here than she ever did in Beach Linda, methinks u should like re-do that game... or make another like it with Ri perhaps?

great 5 over 5