Reviews for "-Radioactive-"

its all perfect

but the only part that mislead me was that female scream....it seemed out of place, other wise this techno music can be pumped up at my house anytime

great song but....

This is not techno at all, old school techno maybe, it would be if anything close to breaks or drum and bass with the mucky melody. Techno nowadays sounds more computer generated house with beats at 124-129 per minute, this one sounds like its in the 131 range or so, and sounds more like a trancy song....

aside from that good song


When the techno gets angry, I GET ANGRY! *goes hulk mode* HULK LIKE! *does the hulk smash dance* HULK GIVES KUDOS!

It sounds like,

The music played while fighting the final boss in a game.

Waterflame responds:

thanks man :D woo

what program

what program do you use, if any?
cos i would realy like to know what one u use, if any


p.s. awsome track

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! for this one i used Fruityloops 5 with standard vst's :)