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Reviews for "-Radioactive-"


I really like this song. A lot. How did you go about making the intro synth? Sounds like an intense chorus/phaser mix, along with a freq. cutoff. What VSTi was this made in if you don't mind me asking?

Again, awesome song. Just submitted a song pretty evil, dedicated to this.

See ya,

Waterflame responds:

thanks :D ive been listening to some of your tracks now and then, i think what youre doing is really pro. i like alot of your work! :D well, on to the questions, the vst i used for the synth was actually the Sytrus. i diddnt do alot with it, cause i wanted it to have that raw feeling. so all i did of mixing was to add a free filter and a buzz adapter. i also added a deep bass and joned the two synths. to make it slide like it does, i did it the old school way, started recording and draged the mouse over the cutoffs. ;P i know i could have done this otherwise, but i wanted it to be variated in a non-linear way. i currently only have fruityloops 5, so i am limited compared to the FL7. but i do get by ;) thanks for reviewing!



Waterflame responds:

:D thanks man!

Adrenline Rising!

Got to love this track...no sooner does it start, I'm already tapping my feet to it and shaking my head. The use of various techno/industrial sounds help to make this track an endless rush. I can imagine this track being used for:
1. Intro to a racing game
2. Intro to a fighting game
3. Free falling through a bottomless chasm
In any case, it just has a nice jolt to it that keeps me listening for more ^_^

lol this is so cooooooooooooooooooool

oh man, madseth 3, my childhood