Reviews for "-Radioactive-"


I reached this on a misclick on the AP frontpage and DAMN this is a sick acid track.

Nice stuff, I love the energy levels you've got going here, and the synths were perfect, no peaking either!

Nothing I can really suggest to improve on this song, very professional :)

Waterflame responds:

glad you missed then :D thank you!

Very Creative

I normally find music to listen to and show my friends and this is exactly what they were looking for.

I thank you and your Musical Expertice

Waterflame responds:

heh, no problem? thanks for the review :D hope your friends like it too then ;P


This was absolutely amazing, this has shown that techno has a variety of instruments which can be used, like the violin. It seemed a bit slow though, you could speed things up a bit. still, 10/10.

thats more like it

it's dark, it's heavy, it's got bass, it's radioactive, it's awsum

Waterflame responds:

>:] o yeaaah. ty!

Its been nearly 9 years and i still think this is waterflame's top.