Reviews for "-Radioactive-"

Your music is great.

You really have a talent of producing 'Techno' music, Christian. You never cease to amaze me track after track. This piece though, moves me in a different way then the rest of your stuff though, as it feels so different with the additional audio clips in it. I like.

It's kinda repetitive though. As the main part of the song always seems to be going on in the background. Besides that, everything else is good. Great work, as usual.

- HydraliskElite

Hoo Rah!!!

Makes me wanna go crazy.Greatly made to perfection.My respects to the master.

Excellent song.Period.

NICE WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

this is some awesome techno song
nice work!!!!

yo bassneo ya dit dous u cool by da way cans i be ya friend

Thanks for this, its a great pick me up in the morning times.