Reviews for "-Radioactive-"

Best of All

This is the best song that I saw on newgrounds :O Dang it u ROCK! :D 5/5!


Hey, really nice track. :-D I love the beat and the depth of the bass, especially the progression that starts at 51 seconds. I would love to see a remix with a more sort of breakbeat to it. I kinda think it would suit it better. But that is just my opinion.

Keep up the good work. ;-)

rock ur socks

a groove song all night long


One of my fav songs ever!!!!
(Except for songs by the prodigy, no one can beat them :P) I can't believe you made this using fruityloops!! (I used Reason to make some music, but my dad lost the disc T.T)


techno music! i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's too cool!