Reviews for "-Radioactive-"

Awsome but a few suggetstions

a few suggestions htis is a sick track first of all and its cool but for a more angry feel u need a deep deep bass with a more harder and loud deep kick but thats more of a angry feel . nice job with this one its cool

Waterflame responds:

i agree actually, but it feels like that would slow the song down. im usually just capable of making that badass songs in a slow beat. this one is more of a raw/mean sorta song and i wanted the tempo ^^ thanks for the review :D glad you like it!


Uh, otro temazo, para mi el mejor de todos lo Techno.
No me lo puedo sacar de mi cabeza.

You are amazing

This is great song, you have my top vote.


This is awesome!
Cool beat and everything!


this song is the best i have heard for now

Waterflame responds:

thank you :D