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Reviews for "-Radioactive-"

Not bad

I was just wondering what fruitloops is? Is is that program which provides all the sounds and crap. alls you have to do is piece them together?

Waterflame responds:

no no o.O you do have some synth sounds as a preset, but theres no premade loops or anything. youre thinking of ejay or whatever it was called.. i think. or garageband presets :P im strongly against that kind of thing normally ;P i made most of the synth sounds myself, and ofcource composed the whole thing. ty


This song is pretty cool. Keep it up. Hope to hear more of your work.

Waterflame responds:

thanks :D you will ;) im submiting on an avrage 1 time a week now

Is good

I like this song, but no offense, I have heard better. Quick question which program did you make this song in and can you get it online? Are there any music production programs you could reccomend?

Waterflame responds:

None taken ;) i have too, lol.

well, i could ofcource recomend Fruityloops, since thats what i use. its user friendly and has alot of amazing features. hope this helps! thanks :)


Never heard your work on newgrounds.. You new?? Anyway great ANGRY KILL YOU.... stuff... keep it up..

Waterflame responds:

haha, new by far. ;P ive been here for 4 years or so soon. but i diddnt take it that serious/wassnt that active until recently. glad you liked the song :) thanks


this song is the best i have heard for now

Waterflame responds:

thank you :D