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Reviews for "-Radioactive-"

pretty good!

liked the beggining, it's a good beat man.

In my opinion, it sounds a lot like...

...TrainStation Dukeout, which was also made by you. This time around, it has a lot more bass, and has more melodies within the song. Unfortunately, Dukeout kind of fizzled out near the end, and was not as strong as it was at the start. This time around, the pace is kept more consistent to the end, with the final result of a well produced piece of Techno.

Great job. :D


this is kool =P .. shootout msuic xD

Waterflame responds:

yeahm it kinda is :D thanks! hm.. its sad to see how the score is constantly dropping even tho i get no bad reviews =/ it would seem like pepole are just trying to kill it :S

great work

i love fast beat

Waterflame responds:


Not bad

I was just wondering what fruitloops is? Is is that program which provides all the sounds and crap. alls you have to do is piece them together?

Waterflame responds:

no no o.O you do have some synth sounds as a preset, but theres no premade loops or anything. youre thinking of ejay or whatever it was called.. i think. or garageband presets :P im strongly against that kind of thing normally ;P i made most of the synth sounds myself, and ofcource composed the whole thing. ty