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Reviews for "-Radioactive-"

WOW........there are no words for how good this is except for the fact that i wish we can rate 20/20 instead of 5/5 or 10/10 or maybe we can rate you a 40/40 how's that sound hmm...?
50/50 for you my friend for you need to know how really awesome your godly caliber really is message me again and ill show you what i do and if anyone reads this check my profile...

yo bassneo ya dit dous u cool by da way cans i be ya friend

Oops, my jaw fell off due to an overdoes of PURE AWESOMENESS!

What, no explosions?

didnt have as much intenseness as i expected, but i wouldnt dare give any of your work any less that a 10/10

Sounds like Need for Speed.

I dunno, it has that vibe to it. Cars lined up at the starting line, light turns green, and they peel out, jockeying and fighting for first, all with this playing in the background. Pretty awesome, nonetheless.