Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Asshole!"


I love that lead riff! The buildup at 1:58 is really cool too. I dunno what you're doing with those harmonics in the background but I like it.
Also, the metal palm mutes (1:18) are awesome.
Rock on, asshole!

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks asshole! :)
the harmonic trick is a legendary secret technique...passed down generations after generations from the ancient punk gods from the lost mountains of Punkoria...I was chosen at birth to receive this technique and amaze the world with it haha I'm gonna destroy countless ages of sacred tradition and tell you that I simply slide my fingers on the harmonics on the second string from fret 3 to 7 or something...haha nothing complicated

you better be around soon so I can take your ass down in round 3! You've been challenged!
*slaps Switch in the face with glove*

An emo asshole...thats what you are.

Would that be like an emo that kills other emos before they get to kill themselves?
What a cock he would be.

Anyways, sounds pretty good here, man. Your snare sounds like its filled with feathers though. But your totally insane playing makes up for the feathery snare...hahaha. I kid.'

Great tune man. You kick ass, just don't get stuck in the hole. :D

Evil-Dog responds:

haha I'll try to remove some feathers for future songs :)
thanks for the review Metal Man

Great song

Awsme songs ur like d best

Kick ass

There are no words that do justice.

fuckin crazy song

found this by accedent just now and replayed it like 30 times reminds me of when i played scgmd3 and how bad i sucked at it