Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Asshole!"

I like this!

"Your not wrong Walter you just a asshole" That was great! I have downloaded some of your other stuff, But i think this one tops them!

Evil-Dog responds:

nice! It's one of my favorites too!

Shreddin' it!

Great stuff! much of your music have a sort of NoFX/ Rise Against/ Alexisonfire feel to it. There is a definite influence from at least one of those bands but at the same time there is a uniqueness in your songs that always make me come back. Great stuff as always, Do you have an actual band yourself?

Evil-Dog responds:

Nofx is my favorite band and I like Rise Against...never listened to Alexisonfire though.
I'm sure there's some pennywise, offspring, lagwagon influences in there. All the bands I learned to play with. :)
I do have a band (although it's pretty much dying lately....) called Chucks Nation
you can check us out on myspace


one of the best punk songs in the world, not kidding

loll :O!!

tu vien du quebec toi!! LOOL moi too ahah trop cool la toune pis je lai trouver facile dans super crazy guitar maniace deluxe 3 :P

10 years later, and I'm still an asshole!