Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Asshole!"

Asshole! >:(

Yeah, thats what you are, fucking clone! ;D

Anyways, this is certainly punk! Fast and straight forward. Bad things? Hm...at some points it sounds like that you screwed up a little. (1:10 to 1:30) A little more volume for the crash and the hi-hat would have been a benefit for this track as well. Other than that, I enjoyed it and thats why I give you my 0 straight in your faic! >;D

Now I'm the Asshole, hehe.

Evil-Dog responds:

in a couple minutes I'll submit an updated version with bass and I'll up the crash and hihat a bit
thanks for the inputs dude :)


Love the Big Lebowski quote, and a great song too.

Some of the best!

Haha! Dud, this is frigin AWSUM!! it ROCKS! One of my fav SCGMD3 songs, and possibly my favourite of your songs.(Though i havnt heard them ALL) Except maybe for Switch Vs Evil Dog Round 1, which was my favourite song on SCGMD2. Me and my friends LOVE scgmd, and your songs. Your stuff is some of the best! Keep it up!

Evil-Dog responds:

Awesome! As soon as I'm done with POM2 I'll start making songs again and Switch vs Evil-Dog round 4


RATING 100/10

Fuck yeah :D

Its been ma fave from the beggining i heard this song and it will always be my fave! :D