Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Asshole!"

I like this!

"Your not wrong Walter you just a asshole" That was great! I have downloaded some of your other stuff, But i think this one tops them!

Evil-Dog responds:

nice! It's one of my favorites too!

Shreddin' it!

Great stuff! much of your music have a sort of NoFX/ Rise Against/ Alexisonfire feel to it. There is a definite influence from at least one of those bands but at the same time there is a uniqueness in your songs that always make me come back. Great stuff as always, Do you have an actual band yourself?

Evil-Dog responds:

Nofx is my favorite band and I like Rise Against...never listened to Alexisonfire though.
I'm sure there's some pennywise, offspring, lagwagon influences in there. All the bands I learned to play with. :)
I do have a band (although it's pretty much dying lately....) called Chucks Nation
you can check us out on myspace


one of the best punk songs in the world, not kidding

cool song

the big lebowksi sucks though.

Evil-Dog responds:

haha nah it's a cool movie dude :)

loll :O!!

tu vien du quebec toi!! LOOL moi too ahah trop cool la toune pis je lai trouver facile dans super crazy guitar maniace deluxe 3 :P