Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Asshole!"

It's havenly. Respect!

You are THE BEST Evil-Dog. I love this song and I'm waiting for the next!


awsome song dude

Lovin' it!

I love this song. It is almost as good as your 'The Weight Of Time', and that is GOOD! (PS: I like emos. They sit in corners crying all day and you can poke them with sticks and laugh as they cry even more because noone understands them. Of course, noone can understand the crap emos spout. Not even YOU. =3)

Great song

fuck emos their all just crying little bitches, if you hate you life then go die

The dude sayd it all!

Well youre not a bad guitar player...you rock with the song...its the description that its just...well....

YOU're JUST A-HOLE!!! dont mess with the emos.... FUCK!