Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Asshole!"

This friggin' rocks!!! GREAT! XD

Do you work together with Switch? Cuz the "switch vs evil-dog round 1 & 2" IS GREAT! could give it a 99999/10 if I could but sry can't do that... Still GREAT! :)

Everywhen Evil-Dog ...

...is making an audio submition, it's full of awesomeness !

Oh! And you're not an asshole !

Great Song

I will have to say this is a great song, one of your better ones for sure. I'm only rating it 9 cuz it isnt your best song you have haha.

also was just curious, is the intro from a movie or something? if so, can you tell me what?

only reason i listen to hard rock

hard rock people play random notes as fast as possible. Evil-Dog on the other hand actually plans it out!

Wassup br0

dude You are my fucking hero xD you the best i love that song 20 / 20 must have and not 10 / 10 and i completed in perfect best game and best song mix :) \m/