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Reviews for "Sally in Season (Comic) - 27"

Well that last part did it, going to be a population boom now. Hehheheh

I would love to see Blaze the Cat having a few babies/kittens... also, pregnant Sally is so cute! Too bad theres no wedding ring... can you draw her naked and pregnant?

Bunnie... isn't her pelvis also 'Robotized'? Would she even be able to get pregnant, let alone have sex with a man?

Bunnie, you are married. No.
Though, he is basically French. Might be able to convince him to add some willing human to their relationship. I can see Antoine swinging both ways. Imagine that happens, and the human actually pays more attention to Antoine though. Backfire.

I like this out of context lol

Yeah, Sonic and the gang are gonna have a hard time competing with that :p