Reviews for "Midnight Cheesecake"

help me.

This song is awesome, but I got a problem.
I just submitted a song here. It's named "Battle the aliens!"
Since it looks like you really know these things, i will ask you to take a look at the song and see whats wrong with it. It is a little longer up on the list.

skullznshit3000 responds:

Ummmm, K...

Really Funny Name

its a good song and the beat is cool but this sounds like i've heard this before.....but anyway i think you should make an album i mean i wouldn't even know where to begin with it, i'm a graphic artist........i also think you go for a goal you truley believe in....oh i like the name of the song

skullznshit3000 responds:

Lol yeah it took me forever to decide on a name - But I'm glad I chose this I like it haha
I don't know where you mightt have heard this before, unless... GET OUT OF MY MIND OH GOD NO NO PLEASE NO!!!!!!
lol jk but yea I'm definiatly going for the album just as soon as i make like 11 more songs as awsome as this one. and that's cool I do a little graphic design here and there, nothing hardcore, i just dabble

Thanx for teh support - you are 1337

is unfinished

not bad, but is unfinished!!!

skullznshit3000 responds:

It's a demo dude - It's not supposed to be finished =/
Thanx anyway though..


Go for the platinum!!

skullznshit3000 responds:

SWEET!!! Thanx for teh support - means alot considering this is the first piece I've ever made by myself that I thought was good!