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Reviews for "Wacky Crazy"

I like this quite a bit, it sounds like something off of a Genesis game.

Pretty good man, I get some subterranean vibes here. Picture this, you're a mole underground hunted by vicious robot moles out to kill you and your mole family and this is the music that plays when being hunted. It stops when you get freakin' murdered.

This sounds too bombastic honestly. I think you should change some sound effects to something else. Especially the guitar. Don't stop experimenting, that's a great way to improve your own style and sound. Practice makes perfect.

Really cool, man

I remember you saying on stream that you're learning to make music
I really like the beat and the sfx (something that you've always done well)
I have a bit of a problem with the Lead (electric guitar I'd guess) but overall it's a pretty good song for a second time
I wonder what tunes you'll make next
It really does give off a mechanical and robotic feel so you managed to convey what you were aiming for