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Reviews for "8-bit Theater 3"


This is the shit we all need in life. Funny and good and sweet the whole way great animation and help from the Legendary Frog was great and everything rocked and it kicked ass! So great job and great everything and thanx to the people who helped to this movie! Big fan...



YOU ROK DUDE KEEP MAKIN 8-bit theater !!!

w00t, yo.

I just have to say one thing. This is fricking hilarious. If you stopped making these, I would probably have to cry, seclude myself in a dark, air tight room, and eat nothing but beans and cabbage for the rest of my life. ...That's more than one thing I said... Okay, I have several things to say. The only real problem I noticed was that the sound quality was a little poor, and could use some work, but other than that, this was roXor.

Better than ever

This movie Kik Ass, Black Mage was grat and Fighter....... still to stupid.
The credits are the best part i think, cant wait till 8-bit theater 4

This is the best movie... EVER!!

And the fact that The Cheat and Storng bad show up makes this even better... holy crap!!