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Reviews for "Destination Egg!"

Anal Sex!

Anal Sex is wrong!


lol this is hilarious


pretty sick..
as in gross lol

but it was funny.
good job!


This is truly one under the column of "shits and giggles" I keep watching it every once in a while and it still makes me giggle a little. (Don't know why) Also to AlexTheActor, if the Author was being RACIST he would be making fun of black people or white people (if he/she is black) So this submission is NOT racist in anyway. Nor does it seem to indicate that this author thinks anal sex is a homosexual act. READ the Author's note at the top it says it right there that it ISN't a homosexual act alone, and to keep an open mind. Read before you speak and learn what words mean before you use them. It helps to make you look like less of an ass.

It was funny, but for the WRONG purpose.

Sue Johanson (Sex expert, with her own show "Talk Sex With Sue Johanson) has said on her show dozens of times, "Anal sex for men, whether they give or recieve, does not imply homosexulity. If all anal stimulation implied homosexuality, then about 80% of all men would be gay."

I did find your flash funny, but to say anal sex is strictly homosexual is 100% inaccurate, racist, and obnoxious.

Therefore, I gave you a big fat zero.