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Reviews for "Destination Egg!"

I agree, yet I disagree

You're right, Anal sex ISN'T strictly a homosexual act. Homosexuality by definition is when you find members of the same sex sexually attractive, and some male/female couples enjoy engaging in anal. As for the flash itself, I disagree. There is nothing wrong with anal sex. Just think, a lot of people use birth control, and if the only reason people had sex is to have children, so many people would miss out on sexual pleasure, so what would the difference between vaginal and anal sex be. Besides, I wouldn't imagine sperm could smell, since apparently they don't have anything to pick up scents with. It's only a single-celled organism. Sorry, but no stars for this one...


i dont kno what tyo think of that....i really really dont.

Gross but great!

I thought this was going to be a lot worse than it was going to be but YUCK! LAWL!!

you can still have anal sex

just cum all over her face when you're done! Or you could finish off in the pussy, kinda defeats the point of anal sex though. Yeah it can be tighter than the pussy but there's also no chance of pregnancy! Whatsoever!


Holy crap that was great almost fell out of my seat lol