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Reviews for "Destination Egg!"

Dude the egg smells like shit

this is so gross i couldint cach the holl thing lol


it was funny when the sperm rammed into the shit lol

you know

there HAVE been cases of people getting pregnant from anal sex. It's caused by a weak lining between the uterus and the colon or something like that. Fuck that noise, i'm getting a vasectomy.

Imagine having to tell your kid that he was not only an accident, but a butt-baby as well ,assuming the odd chance they didn't just abort the little shit machine. Say they were both catholic or something, and the kid is born to a technical virgin... I think this would make a very interesting concept for a flash movie.


I liked this, it makes me giggle. And GoKy, settle down, it's a fucking joke. You don't have deeply analyze everything, and give Edmund some stuck up psychology lesson. Get over yourself.

weird... but funny

i thought it was pretty god damn funny but kinda twisted keep up the good work