Reviews for "StreeT BAll - FreeStyle"

Pretty good

It's great to see a sports movie on newgrounds. I think you did a good job tying the scenes together. Maybe a little more of a plot next time but and a little better drawing of the characters but other than that, good job.

Not so great.

I expected this to be better than it was. The weird-looking ballers kinda made it look stupid. It would have been better with more frames too. On the positive side, I liked the moves and that one spinning dunk especially.

Straight fucking dope

and I mean that in a very good way


I don't even like basketball but this piece was nice. A little short and without much depth but the choice of song was great. You should have had an actual game.. But great style.

It was pretty good dude

dude not bad, the sound was good and the animation was cool too