Reviews for "StreeT BAll - FreeStyle"


Pretty Nice Make more n with more of those koo moves


That was awesome! Nice job!

Nice job, man!

Hey, that was pretty good. I like your animation style. Very fluid. Contrary to belief its quite difficult to create fluidic motion with frame by frame animation, but you did it quite nicely. I liked the sound, too; very fitting and catchy.

A few things though:
The ball animation I was less than impressed with. It was still good, mind you, but it would've been nice to see the full blown basketball-ish type of drawing. This is somewhat trivial, not a big deal.
Also, its a little short. I know the animation style is hard to do, but if you could extend it gradually through re-uploading, it could be really cool. You still got a lotta space to work with.
Also, you were right. The loading bar does not work. Its no biggie though, my connection streams pretty well. But just thought I'd confirm it for you.

Very nice job, man! All of your work is exemplary. Keep it up!

that was pretty hot

Pretty cool movie man, I certainly liked it. I think a more urban backround would have been better fitting, especially with that cool style of animation. Good job.

that was fuckin amazing

that was th shit, make more. and wat song was that?