Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."

amazing music and animation but...

I just don't get it... would someone mind explaining the symbolism to me? but the animation and the art in this series are very well done...
and I Really like the music.... I just don't get it....


The visual and audio are in lesser words orgasmic, but the series blew my mind, this has to be one of the best series ive ever seen

Ignore him

Ignore the last reviewer, I think the story is brillian, it is not obivous or cliched. I don't pretend I fully enderstand it - but I think it is very mystical!

Keep making these!

Review for parts 1-4

Well, I've watched all the parts and sadly I must say I'm a little unimpressed. The graphics and sound is no less then the best I've seen, but the story line has somthing to be desired. I'm not quite sure what it is, maybe it's just moving a little too slowly for me, because c'mon, all of part 2 was him finding out he had to save a princess of some sort.
Another thing that kinda frusterated me was the fact that it had too good of graphics and sound! The file sizes were huge for a relitivly short film... I give you all the credit in the world for having those skills, and I am very envious of that part of your films, but you didn't have to go all out and make so much...
This film reminds me much of the work of Ridley Scott (Director for Gladiator, and Hannible), a huge series of pretty pictures with, frankly, a weak plot. I'm not going to suggest what you need to change because I believe you are more then satisfied with your work, but I feel it's my duity to tell you that I am not.
Kudos for your graphics
Mad Props for the sound (Thourghly impressed that you did those yourself)
sorry that the story line didn't meet my expectations.

review for the series so far

this is a great story!one of the best series on here!the animation is beautiful and unique.i like your style,its different and original.the music and sound is perfect.it was kinda hard to understand what was goin on at first because there isn't any dialog but that only means the people watchin this has to watch it and use their brains for once instead of just lookin at it.i think i got the some of the hidden meanings.the only problem is that the file sizes kept gettin bigger.is there a way u can keep the size around 1-1.3 MB without sacrificing quality?i can't wait to see the rest.keep it up eric!