Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."


Well the basic thing is that aparantly, what I can gather, is that the baby is destined to become more, as the quote by the author went "A boy with a destiny... A man with a mission" This boy is obviously destined for great power and as the key, which aparantly symbolizes something larger, to a peice of the boy's life puzzle later on, finds the boy, it teaches the boy his first lessons of greatness, hence the fighting the bats. Still, as he IS after all a boy, the little shadow demons came along and overpowered the boy, still not strong enough as you can see, to do whatever this destiny mission of his is. And the Gauntlet that the voice in the beginning speaks of is probably part of his mission... Or maybe I'm just on crack, but it seems like a really good idea to me... I think he's destined to be protector of the world or something. I think that maybe the wizard man could be the boy's watcher, and woke up to find that the baby finally was born, then went off to let other watchers know that the 'destiny child' has arrived on this world.
Hehehe Coooooool!!!!!


Good... But I have two question... What the hell is going on and why doesnt he have pants? It like is confusing. I watched all the movies and is it on dreams or nightmares, or is the nudity a sign of freedom or you really like drawing naked boys? If so... I hope its for art... Not personal Enjoyment... Can someone plaese explain to me what the f**k is going on?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Judging from the awesome backround and music, the mystic story I can say three things: you have a great imagination, you must not like pants on little Marcus,(take that as you like it) and you have a really awesome computer. MAKE MORE! YOUR WORK THOUGH UNDER EXPOSED IS WONDERFUL!


yes, i want more. this is turning into a real story line. a picture is worth a thousand words and i've just got about a 500,000,000 word dose. next please... i want to see what happens and the new characters are wonderful... i'm trapped cause i'm at the last episode though... crap... each one's gotten better.

Can I Give an 11 for Graphics?

The Marcus Peblo series has always featured great graphics, but these are simply brilliant. The detail in the backgrounds and characters rival Disney or any other "professional" animated characters. Seriously. However, for being a Marcus Peblo Flash, this focuses mainly on the other characters, featuring but a few cryptic references to our already cryptic character, who has evolved by now into a messianic character of legends apparently dating back thousands of years. What it still doesn't even attempt to answer is why. Hopefully a part 5 is still being created, because the only thing that keeps this from being perfect is it offers absolutely no resolution at all to the story or any of its many mysteries. To be continued...? I hope so.