Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."

Great Animation

The anianiamtion is incredible... I dont understand what its about though...


that was the joint. nice work. i'd like to see the full series.

MAd Mad Props

What can I say It SO good I gave it ineractive points because i was bobin to da beat. Ive seen all three and have to say ood job I really like the fact that you do the music too and the way they follow the flash like music should Thank god you didnt rip off the propellerheads matrix music keep up the good work

Best animation ever!

Fantastic animation, great sound a brek from the normal voilence filled movies don't get me wrong though I love violence too! One of the greatest movies ever. Hope to see more soon.

Very nice

Extremely nice graphocs, some of the best Ive seen. Sound was very nice too, could be improved a few places but overallsound was good. Interactivity: Som might give you something for that playbutton, but I dont. I only give a movie interactivity if its a game or something. The Style you use get a 10, cause its near prefect. No violence and no humor, but thats not always a bad thing. I only give the overall 6 cause it wasnt very entertaining, if it wasnt for the great graphics and sound I would have leaved.