Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."


Ah, my eyes hurt. Too much eye candy (yuk yuk, yeah i know i'm horrible). Anyway, your vivid colors blended with your beautiful backgrounds, and epic music combine to create a great animation short. Do you use photoshop to edit images? It seems to me that this cannot be done in flash. Also, how do you do these backgrounds? In photoshop or something like that i suppose. Well, in all this is a great series, but i have one suggestion. Eric, could you please make this all tie together. Make a plot out of this, because so far this story is way over my head. I hope you are able to piece together a story, that would make this all the more exciting. Well, you have a fan, and admirer, since Marcus Peblo 1. I hope you make many more, and good luck to you.

Sweet work!

The Marcus Peblo series is a masterpiece! Right from the Fantasia-like opening I could tell I was in for a treat! The background music was epic and the sound effects blended perfectly. I can't wait for the rest!

Excellent job Eric!

Blown away....

All I have to say is that this animation is simply amazing, it is visually and mentally entertaining, as opposed to some of the CRAP on newgrounds I must say this is a truely wonderful piece of work. Being an animator myself I know how hard it is to work with flash, and animation in general, and I must say this animation is a real gem. Keep up the excellent work.


Stanz wtf? are you stupid? There is a story here, if you wacthed episodes 1-3 youd understand, maybe its the fact it doesent have a skateborder or stickmen in it that you dont see a story, this is poetic, and damn well done!

good stuff, the animation is top notch, but...

Well wgere to start. This starts off as one of the finest pieces of artwork ever to grace flash. The animation is 'movie' quality and the sound track is very moving, i was thoroughly impressed. This had quality written all over and my finger was poised ready to give it that magic 5 mark.
this is quite a big but, after about 3 minutes i begin to wonder where the hell this is all going.
it seems there is no plot to it and waffles on for a few more minutes which then lessened the effect of what is truly great animation, get a descent plot sorted and this boy could go places