Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."

A 10...NOT A 2!!!

I agree with the last reviewer. The Marcus Peblo saga is amazing. I started with part four but I've gone back to review them all. One word...Captivating. I can't wait for 5.

Crazy Good New~?*,/+&!!

The last joker must be deaf & dumb. Black the
screen & the music is worth the ride. That
alone ain't a *2*. The visual & flash is 10
times 2. At least. The Saga ain't a *2* in this life. No earthly way. This is Crazy Good News~?,/+&!! Some folks need glasses & hearing aids.


Ok now now, This was soo booring I didn't want to see what happends at the end, sure you have sound, but it BLOWZ, what I think is neat here is the graphics, no violence, I think violence rather sucks, humor is cooler, if something makes me laugh I say it's GOD-LIKE, I don't come to newgrounds to admire ppl's work, no, I come to laugh out loud! (LOL) Anyhow, Use ure skillz with a better idea...


Great graphics, some of the best on the portal. But it has not plot at all, well not yet. I watched all of the episodes in chronological order and still there isn't anything explaned.


I liked it.. but I don't exactly understand what the fuck was going on...