Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."


watching this movie makes me seriously want to kick someone's fucking skull in. maybe the author, or maybe just the first person who walks in the room. The main point here is that this item is loaded down with enough eye-thrashing visual spurts, tweens and ejaculations of crap is enough to send Mother Theresa into a killing rage. And she's dead.


Very rarely have i ever seen a piece so well done. From an asthetic viewpoint, i can say that this is the best piece that i have ever seen. The music and sounds are excellent, the graphics and animations are superb, and even though i couldn't fully understand the hidden message in this installment (if someone could e-mail me what it all means.. i'd be thankful) I still really enjoyed watching it. I can't wait for the next installments of the Marcus Peblo series to come out...

Absolutely incredible.

Exceptional work. I have seen very few people that are as capable of manipulating flash in such an awe inspiring manner. This is easily the best flash animation that I've seen on newgrounds or anywhere else for this matter.


Exceptional work. Magical and well directed. One of the top 10 on New Grounds.


this reminded me of disney's style of animation, very well drawn, the music went perfect with the movie as well, good job :)