Reviews for "Marcus Peblo 4! the saga."

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This review is for all of the movies in the series, I'm too lazy to review them individually. This is some of the best work I've seen in animation period. I feel that all of the Marcus Peblo animations should be united into one fluid work. Oh, Marcus' scream/yell is annoying.


That black chick is sexy!


Never have I seen such a masterful work of flash art. Even though a think the meaning may be a bit obscure, the mere art work and visual effects of this flash movie are stunning. The music could use a little work but it was still great. Contact me if you'd like help with the music, I am a fledgling techno/trance/rave music composer myself and would love to help. All in all, it was a great job and a milestone in flash animation.

okay, I tried to give it a chance

I watched it sober, and it sucked; I watched it drunk, and, suprise, it still sucked. Maybe if I were really stoned... hell.. who am I kidding: it would still suck. I hate to repeat words so often, but the few brain cells I had before this flash began spontaneously underwent apoptosis. This is a pretentious piece of garbage. The third episode was better in that it had scenes which suggested pedophilia and cannabalism, which is the level at which I think this thing needs to connect. Hell, who needs concepts or reasons: I want kids being fucked and eaten.

All I have to say is, What the fuck was that!

I didn't get one bit of that movie, I didn't understand what it was.

However it was amazing grafics, animation and sound so I gave it a 9. The minus one cause I didnt get it.