Reviews for "An AHWW Faerie Tale"

I like Guns-n-Roses YEAOOOWWW!

A flatulating biker is the best way to beat a dead horse. If you're gonna beat a dead horse in cliche fashion, use a gaseous biker. If you don't know a biker, use a cat. I have learned a great lesson this day, thank you mister Wolf.

ok.. I get it..

Beating a dead horse.. oh yeah.and to the previous guy or girl that rated your movie.. try looking up the back ground of something before you make a judgement on the statement it's trying to make.. I hate it when people pretend to be smart by spouting obscure referrences that have very little to do with the subject at hand.. just ignore them..:) I liked it..


The little biker guy was funny enough by himself. The dead horse with the buzzing flies was funny enough by itself. The action cracked ne up! I actually laughed out loud! You should have had something else happen. I kept waiting for something new. The sequence took too long. It still made me laugh, so you get the points!


Since, this was a rebuttal to an inside joke.. I see that the actual beating of the dead horse should be long and annoying.. because alas .. that is precicely what occurs when one beats ones dead horse...But, for our veiwing pleasure it did drone on~~~~ The rock from the Wolf Gods was sorely appreciated... and if I had a gun I'd have shot me a few of those happy singing larks..
But I really liked the concept, the font, the graphics... Don't waste your talent beating dead horses..
Sincerly Yours,

leol (laugh evilly out loud)

funny. i could not stop laughing when that guy stood there like forever beating the dead horse. but then, i am very easily amused.