Reviews for "An AHWW Faerie Tale"

not funny per se

i suppose this is enjoyable on a base, zen-surrealist level, it rather reminds me of one of salvador dali's films in which a man is pursuing a woman through an apartment building, dragging behind him a grand piano, two catholic priests, and a dead horse.

Uh, but that movie was better though, because it actually meant something. This is just crap.

Nehi responds:

I've always put up strange crap. :)

Bird Whistle

Okay...now that the fucking bird whistle sound file has driven me to bash my nose out the back of my skull I will rate your little movie a lowly 1 and return to my life as it were before this whole horrible ordeal.
Translation: "I would have rated this movie higher but the senseless repetition of the bird call pissed me off."

This on Portal?

I have only one thing to say to you:
WTF is this YS!

???????????what a bite off

this was like a cheap crappie version of the old WB cartoons. the sound killed me. if not dat is was my boredom!

Waht are you getting at?

It looks as if he's trying to say that something is like beating a dead horse, but he doesn't say what that something is. At first, I thought that he was going to give the horse some FDA.