Reviews for "MegaMan/X:Final Battle 3"

even al pichino would like this



I thought it was the best in the series. I mean Megaman and X separated, and X faced a guy he never faced before and Megaman faced a guy he never faced before. It's cool. I mean in the second one Megaman took out Astroman (but Megaman and Astroman met once before) and also X took out Mattrex (but X and Mattrex met once before) so having Magma Dragoon face Megaman and Clownman face X was pure genious. Nice addition of Protoman in the end. Will you add Red Zero in part 4?

CheveLoco responds:

heheh i know..i wanted to try something different..i think most of u liked it


This series is like a dream come TRUE! I love the fight scenes and the story! KEEP DOIN WAT UR DOIN!

my god

rigo u have one of the best series here and u are one of the gretest artist i know on ng u make mega man look very great u are a good artist keep it up plz

yay protoman

yay protoman