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Reviews for "Deep Fried, Live! #7"


Absolutely gorgeous! It's fantastically smooth, the sounds blend in greatly, and the design is great "eye candy". I love this and give it full points! Keep it up, this is great!

This is L337

This series is the BEST in Newgrounds hands down... But a big factor alot of people don't realise is I believe that these shows are suppose to be informative, but fun... I dont think you meant it to be funny... Like alot of people voted low because they thought it wasn't funny... Thats not the reason of the flash, so therefore you can't judge the whole flash content on this basis... I give you my 5 , And just because this is the bomb I will submit 6, more 5's a week worth of 5's from me just because this rocks...


funny and informative... such a rare thing these days...


This is one of the best series on newgrounds ....you gotta keep this going
it taught me how to make cookies for gods sake!
and i laughed...aswell...alot
the best in the series has got to be the turkey one!


Yay! My favorite! Thanks for doing it!