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Reviews for "Deep Fried, Live! #7"

Pretty cool!

Well, the deep fried live episodes are all good, and this is no exception. They're even entertaining enough for a vegetarian such as myself to enjoy.


Superb graphics,nice recepy and even many extra additions.You deserve a pure 5!
Don't mind those who voted 0.Don't cook them they just blame here! :-)

so how do u like your fleeb cooked?

all in all ive never EVER seen quite as original or funny as your movie's, the graphics just blow me away,and i believe that someday you could accually be a pro on accuall TV.your a natural and your the best hands down, show all these nobodies (including me) how to do this! any body dont like your cartoons, you have my permission to slap them silly, thank you for submitting this and i hope many more are on there way :D


I love Deep Fried Live! Its one of the best flash in newgrounds and its my favorite. Can you give me the recipe for the Blue Gleeb Sauce? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

You give a new meaning to cooking shows.

Your serie is by far my favorite of all new grounds, I sure hope you make more! I just love Taco, he's awesome XD I wonder how much time it took you to do all this... neat style, I can say!