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Reviews for "Deep Fried, Live! #7"

This is one of those rare movies...

This is one of those rare movies that deserves 10's all around. It's funny, it's informative, and it looks good.
Anyway, who cares if it's presence is just a ploy to get you to go to the deep fried website? The website is pretty cool, actually.


Wow first time someone has done a cooking cartoon. It accually taught me alot of things that mostly I never knew! Your a pro cooker.


I love Deep Fried Live! Its one of the best flash in newgrounds and its my favorite. Can you give me the recipe for the Blue Gleeb Sauce? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

You give a new meaning to cooking shows.

Your serie is by far my favorite of all new grounds, I sure hope you make more! I just love Taco, he's awesome XD I wonder how much time it took you to do all this... neat style, I can say!

i wish you did'nt move on

you were doing awesome man but you just had to move on