Reviews for "Forceful Kiss"

Oh nose

The kitty isn't in the mood atms it seemz

TinyStuffz responds:


wow!! it's so amazing what did you use to

What did you use to create it?? It looks so professional, is it an actual picture just painted over? It is absolotley mind catching, breath taking, it looks so real! Did you make this in real life on a canvis, or using photoshop? <333 I love youu this is so cool!

~ Blessings Star

TinyStuffz responds:

Aaaw thank you! :) I used gouache and watercolours on card. The original is pretty small, just a bit bigger than how you see it here, I used a photo as reference. Glad you like it! :) xX

its sweet..

what did you use for it? it's interesting.

very cute!!

That's such an adorable painting! :)

=^.^= *purr*

The cat thinking *As soon as that camera's off, I'm going to eat this damned rodent!*

god dammit!

chip munk vampires were fucked now....