Reviews for "~Silver Memory~ -hania"

If only I was good at animation

This song...it throws so many images and storys into my mind is amazing.
Thanks to this song I've figured out how to move forward with my story.
you are truly amazing, have you tryed sending your music in for a proffesional start? You could easily become great with your voice and motavation.


The lyrics are really good and the mood I feel is just well....... I don't know......sad?

Better than what I can do

This song is great. I suggest having the end of the song having a fade out or have another descending note (at the really end), because in this song, at the end, the music fades for a bit, then gets cut off, making our brain think that there is more to this song. It's like going up a major scale and stopping at a Major 7th but on a smaller degree.
Other than that, this is another good work of art especially if this is just a rough draft.


I heard your other ones and they're as awsome as this one. Keep going. 5/5


its actually pretty good. 10/10