Reviews for "~Silver Memory~ -hania"

great work on this

The start of it actually sounded like puff the magic dragon to me. (yes, I was 6 years old once.)

"his silver falling apart" comes off as a bit strange... not sure how you'd tweak it.
maybe a simple change, like: "his memories falling apart- his siiiiillllveeer memories."

part of a collab?

whats it about?

This is a good song.

It helps me remember things of my past.

Absolutely loved it.

It is an audio orgasm! No, really, this is a great story told in only 1:43, and it was indeed the best work you did in 2007. Also, I loved the later music pieces in The Memory Planet too.

My favorite piece of music on Newgrounds

I love this song... I listen to it over and over, along with the other Memory Planet songs. I do wish there were more than three, but the three you do have are amazing! 10/10 and 5/5