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Reviews for "~Silver Memory~ -hania"


Kinda reminds me of the Urza from Magic. He's like those spartans from 300, except that he can use magic, he's all alone, and he WINS. Awesome song, favorites, 5/5,etc.

My New Favorite Artist!

Your songs are amazing. You are wonderful at the piano, I just wish i could actually learn how to work an instrument xD.You have a great voice and a great talent. Please make more songs ASAP.

Absolutly Beautiful!

Amazing song! The piano is perfect. could be used in a video game.
I think it would be sweet, followed by this song i found last week on here. The two of them would make a dramatic comeback. Anyways.... beautifully done! o, and be safe!

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/14846

listen up!

okay the audio portal needs more songs like this one
songs with a vocals in them (also hollywise)\
also audio portal needs to control newgrounds more :P

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, if you were able to you could TOTALLY become famos with this song! its INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!I know the opinion of a 14 year old boy doesnt matter much, but seriously, this is genious. YOU CAN BE FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hania responds:

I'm working on it Tiger ;)
Thanks for the awesome support!!