Reviews for "Mr. T Vs MM Power Rangers"


a king amongst men if i ever saw one how do you come up with such amazing plots, you must be one helluva Mr T fan. hats of to you its movies like this that make ng great, and every time i watch one of your movies i wish i saw more of the 80s, and that theme tune never gets old. well done, and a big thanks for brightening up my day, please make some more, say Mr T vs bill gates could make for a good plot.


Dude that was f*cking hiarlious when none of the stuff made sense but yet it was funny lol. You can't beat Mr. T and Hogan haha

Genius......Pure Genius

Not only do you make movies about one of my hero's Mr. T but you completely shocked me (and the world, im sure) when you put in none other than the Hulkamaniac! My heros! in one movie! together! You should get an award or something. If you stop making Mr.T movies than i'll leg drop you or just throw you hella far. Mr. T's heroic struggles must go on! Another cool person to add to the mix would be Arty the strongest man in the world!!!! he rules if you don't believe me watch pete and pete with arty in it! THIS MOVIE OWNED

Helluva cool

there was not I part of that movie I disliked!

kick ass

this flash kicked so much ass i did a wee