Reviews for "Mr. T Vs MM Power Rangers"

About time

I've been waiting for another installment for a long time. Loved the episode but i didn't think it was long enough. Still really funny and adding Hogan was a nice touch.

I'm waiting for you to bring back the transformers and maybe add the teenage mutant ninja turtles? Now that would be slick.

I love the cut and paste animation style and the cheesy graphics. Great job though the ending was a bit too abrupt.

Still my favorite series on newgrounds. I'll be looking for more (where were bush and fonzy?).

what can i say....

..another Mr. T vs masterpiece. these things are great, u would b #1 if it was up to me.
can't wait for your next one, how about mr. t vs pokemon? or dbz

great work

I pity da foo dat dont watch dis movie

Mr. T kicks everybodies ass


this one was sooooo sweet i love it makem ore like this

Always bet on MR T!

Oh my god! i have seen nearly all of your stuff! You are a fucking genius! MR T Versus series is my favourite thing on here! I loved the fact that you recognised the way you always use the same plot device for each episode, the fact that Mr T always ends up throwing people helluva far and the special guests that just randomly turn up in the hour of need. the script is well written as well! It's good to make fun of the Power Rangers as well. Its only when you're at a certain age that you realise they were jsut a crappy marketing ploy for kids. Whatever happened to Thundercats and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?!

carry on with this series mate, It hasn't got boring yet!