Reviews for "Mr. T Vs MM Power Rangers"

this brings a new standard to Mr.T parodies

that was chock full of so much satire that I couldnt stop laughing. eventhough the basic jokes on Mr.T have gotten a bit played out (i.e. drinkin milk, youth centers, eatin greens, etc.) you found a new way to make the funny. I remember watchin the power rangers like most young adults when we were young, and I still think that the originals were the best. what was funny is that Tommy owned everyone in the show, and in this movie he gets his ass handed to him the most, truely a humorous ironic twist of fate.I dunno what scene was funnier: when Mr.T owned the megazord with the gold chains, or when he threw the command center into outer space, and then got drugged on laced milk. this is a good example on how cutting edge graphics arent needed to get a good laugh. great work.

the reason i made an account is to help raise ur

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This was awesome

OMG That was fucking hilarious! I pity the pink fool.

That was really good.

I never expected Mr. T to be that powerful. You should have put in multiple endings, such as one where the Power Rangers prevail over Mr. T, because they would murder him. You also should have Mr. T fight the Power Rangers to the death. In other words, Mr. T rocks!